Wow! This describes my african american neighbor to a tee! I always thought he was a successful small business owner that dressed well and had a nice car who happened to like rap music but now I know his girlfriend is actually a victim of trafficking! I can't believe I've been so blind this entire time. Her well kept nails and hair should have been a dead giveaway. He seemed so nice but I guess you never know these days. I've reported him to the police, any tips on how to escalate this further? Thanks so much for what you do!

If you suspect human trafficking then it is a good idea to call the national human trafficking hotline, they should be able to provide resources and information.

The person you're replying to is being sarcastic; they're saying the signs of sex trafficking being identified in the document you're linking to are not sufficiently distinct to sex trafficking to make them a useful diagnostic criteria.

I think u/a_spades_a_spades was being sarcastic...

she is that dumb and doesn't realize how outdated and dangerously stereotypical and racist her leaflets and doesn't even know the information in her own studies that she links.

I couldn't really tell so I went with the hotline, who knows

I think he's just being a dick.