If 95% aren't being kidnapped but making the decision to enter the life, it doesn't really sound like a trafficking problem. It sounds more like you just have a problem with prostitution in general. It would be more intellectually honest just to label it that way. If you are truly interested in helping trafficked Human beings, there are real trafficked people to care about. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/article/inside-the-hidden-reality-of-labor-trafficking-in-america/

I think a lot of victims of sex trafficking in the US aren't kidnapped per se, but they are often people who are from extremely vulnerable populations. For instance, runaway teens can end up in sex trafficking rings. This is unique to sex trafficking because they may be underage or dependent on the people trafficking them because they are of legal age but still young.

Also, it's great that you care about making labor trafficking a more visible issue and it definitely is a real problem, but people are capable of caring about more than one thing at once.

I'm just sick and tired of these dishonest people talking about trafficking in order to make the lives of all prostitutes worse. A lot of prostitutes don't in fact work for pimps, but are independents, and the idiocy of FOSTA/SESTA has made their lives much more difficult by cutting off their access to online advertising services. It isn't trafficking if the prostitutes are among the vast majority who aren't underage.

Just because some folks prudery says that sex is inherently bad, I see nothing wrong with voluntary sex work, because for a lot of people, it's a helluva lot less exploitative than grinding away at McD's for minimum wage.

Yes, labor trafficking is very serious here in the United States

she isn't though and is just hiding her agenda behind victims, she is manipulative and just dishonest. She always steers the conversation from legalization of prostitution to children and victims of human trafficking . She also misdirects people with her answers and hopes people ignore that she wants the consumers arrested if decriminalized or legalized all while pretending to read any of the research which contradicts her position and views.