Yeah I read the Red Flags and it was.....very lacking and seems to only be for people who have pimps. My heart has hurt for a very long time when it comes to the thought of human trafficking and I want to help but...

"• Tired during the day from working at night. • Suddenly has expensive things: High -end, name -brand purse (such as Gucci), diamond bracelet, name -brand clothes or nails and hair done on a regular basis. • Increasingly interested in or talks a lot about his dream, “we ’re going to…” • Older boyfriend, usually one not in school. • Morals and values have slowly expanded. • New tattoo or “brand” of initials, his name or a saying. • Carries multiple cell phones – sometimes unnoticeable. • Keeps eyes down while in public. • Starts to become secluded, you see her less and less. "

Not much help at all.

Not to mention it’s absolutely only for black pimps, maybe Hispanic I guess, and only those from a particular socioeconomic class