Is this the pillars of the earth? Fuck i had no idea this was a series, i chewed through pillars of the earth. Are the next 2 as good?

I think Pillars is the best. World without End was good, I didn’t care much for Column of Fire.

Agree, they are all basically the same book.

I’d rank them: 1) World Without End 2) Pillars of the Earth 3) Column of Fire

I’m fascinated by the plague so World Without End really struck a chord with me. After I read Pillars of the Earth I was sold on finishing the series because I’m obsessed with the Medieval time period. Column of Fire is good, but I had a hard time getting through the first three chapters. All excellent and worth reading!

I though the 2nd one, World Without End, was every bit as good as the first. The third was was only good, not great. They are all set 200 years apart from one another, so they are really each seperate stories, just with the common thread of all being set in Kingsbridge.

I 100% agree!