Do you have and soaps/splashes that you love so much you decided to get multiple sets of (like limited batches and what not)? And if so, which soaps?

I have 2 MF Roam, Hallows, and Texaus. Love em to bits.

I don't have any soaps/aftershaves that I've done that with. However, I do love "the one gentleman" by dolce and gabbana.

They stopped making it about 8 years ago, and the only place I could find it was this website that sells cologne samples. So the only bottle I have only contains 1 oz or so. So I'm basically treating the stuff like it's gold, because who knows when I will find more.

Sure. Soaps -

B&M - Arctique, Lavanille, Night Music, Passiflora, Taiga

Dapper Dragon - Kringle x4 I think

Declaration and T+S/Chatillon Lux - Vide Poche x3 between the two

Dr. Jon’s - Bandit x3 (splash by Black Ship Grooming)

L&L/Chatillon Lux - Blackberry Blossom Bay, Rose Santal x3

Multiple duplicate splashes, especially for Chatillon Lux LEs

Although my multiples aren't technically full sets, these offerings were too good to buy just one:

I have multiples of Night Music (5 soap/1AS), Roam (5 soap/1 AS sample), Hallows (3 soap/2AS), Beaudelaire (2 soap/1AS), Seville (2 soap/1 AS), 2 SoA soaps, and 2 RazorRock XXX soaps.

Roam (I think 4 sets including white label, 3 splashes, 2-3 EdTs, 2 Roam Kyovu), Night Music, Foret de Liguest (from before the rerelease), and MLS Ruby's green. Oh 42 also.

Declaration Grooming Southern Paradise.

Have both the non alcohol splash and the alcohol splash and two soaps. First tub is down to about 20%