Here, this will save you some time! Scroll to the end for the lathering video!

Shaving Tutorial for New Wetshavers Please have a look at this tutorial series I created for people who are learning how to shave with a safety razor. The series covers the entire shave end to end, including setup & prep, building a lather, how to find the right angle, tips on how to get a close comfortable shave, and post-shave clean-up. The tutorial tries to answer as many of the most frequently asked questions new wetshavers generally have.

Here are the links to the individual segments, followed by a link to the series playlist. Hope you enjoy and find them useful!

Watch them all in order: Wetshaving Tutorial - How to shave with a safety razor

Bonus track! How to lather a shaving soap

I watched all of them. They were great! I picked up a few tricks and wont be doing against the grain for awhile. Thank you!

You are very welcome!

There is no magic to the against the grain pass, it is just so easy for it to go wrong in those first few shaves. After a couple weeks you will see just how much easier it all is, and that against the grain pass will feel natural and comfortable.

Good luck!

This stuff is good. I often recommend this series.

And... u/Cadinsor is a fellow Carolinian!

My son recently moved to Cackalacky.

Quality boy! I've always thought so.