Is there a reason why each song is given a score? Seems kind of demotivating for submissions that get ranked low.

It gives a general impression how the song is percieved. It's a way of feedback, not at all demotivating, the opposite.

Meh, lets me know exactly where I'm at.

the scores are pretty meaningless, I wouldn't put much, if any, stock in them

The score given is a derivative of the vote count for each entry. The point of including it in the results is to prevent the perception that the result order is arbitrarily chosen.

It shouldn't be demoralizing since the voting system is not based on some objective scale within the realm of music. It's entirely within its own context and should not be thought of outside of that.

As others have said, there's some utility in the scoring, or the order at least, that lets them track their progress as they participate more. Not that you were suggesting it but I feel like an alternate system of just announcing the winner and leaving everyone and everything else out would be worse as it would have the tendency to support unrealistic perspectives about how you measured up with your competition.

The numbers give a reference point for the producer and provide some insight into the distribution of votes. That's valuable.

Oh, I wasn't aware the score was a result of the votes. I thought OP gave a score based on personal opinion.

Makes sense now that I think about it though.

Yea, the community voted on the songs during the voting period. If the score was arbitrary the votes wouldn't actually matter and would be a wasted exercise. The OP, /u/mark-henry (mod of the subreddit), is just facilitating the contest and reporting the results.

I know the community votes for the songs, but I wasn't talking about the ranking from 1-37. There needs to be a list ranking most votes to least, that part is obvious.

It's the 1-5 score I don't quite get. It seems superfluous when there already is a list with all the entries, ranking from first to last (most votes to least votes).

I'm sure you understand what I mean.

Edit: Taking another look at it, it's not even a score based on votes, as there is often no song with a score of 5. Based on what you're saying, the number 1 spot should have 5 points, since it has the most votes. Which is why I don't quite get that part of the scoring. It does indeed seem at least somewhat arbitrary, and subjective.

Edit: Nevermind, I wasn't aware the sub voted on a scale of 1-5. I thought you got one vote, and that was it. Makes sense if he adds the votes up and divides by number of voters.

Yep, we can vote 1-5 on each entry. The culmination of that, across a larger voting pool, equates to the resulting score per contestant. I don't know what the actual calculation is that produces the final score per contestant, but it's definitely based on the votes they got from all the voters. That numeric value then sets the comparative ranking.

If you're going to put your stuff out there then you have to expect that "there" may or may not like it.

If you are trying to connect with an audience, you can only do it if you are willing to care about what THEY want to hear. It always sucks to think your gem will inspire and instead they see it as a turd.

But I would rather know the truth and get over the butthurt so that I can actually learn what my audience really thinks.
I guess it's the difference of being an artist and an entertainer.

not exactly disagreeing with you, but you're wildly overgeneralizing from an incredibly limited sample - the audience for this competition is not exactly a representative sample of the music-listening public (and probably has very little or no overlap with the actual audience for your music) and thus the usefulness of the collective opinion here is marginal at best, and potentially harmful at worst. Also, as far as I can tell the people voting in this competition don't even give legit listens to the majority of the tracks - I'd actually like to see how many votes each track gets and compare them to the views/listens on private/unlisted tracks; my feeling is there are tracks people vote on without even listening to at all

that said I like seeing all the scores, but it's just for shits and giggles as far as I'm concerned, and mainly just to determine who gets saddled with making the next sample pack, some sucker has to do it after all, haha

Well then that would be a gallery and not a competition. or playlist

You would still rank them, just not give them a score.

Music is so subjective that giving it a score of 1-5 seems weird to me. Sure, there are differences in production quality, but none of the tracks are at a 1 out of 5 in that regard. Imo anyway