I wish I didn't try it: $997.73 (edit: could it be a bug?)

Didn't even feel it was this much.

As a consolation, I almost always adjust the slider to give lots to charity.

How long have you been using Humble? A majority of my games come from bundles unless it's something I know I really want because, y'know, backlog. A single AAA release, at launch, per month would be $720 a year. When you think about "one new game a month", that sounds like a reasonable thing to be getting yourself for entertainment.

Doesn't sound bad to me. Compare that to how much you can spend on a single trip dining out, or going out to a bar. Different forms of entertainment, but gaming is hilariously cheap compared to most things, even buying stuff when it's brand new. People in the mid-80s were buying cross-your-fingers garbage for $50-60 when money was worth over double what it is now, we're living in pretty magical gaming times. Don't forget how absurdly expensive computers were. Sure, companies are going nutty trying to shoehorn day 1 DLC and microtransactions, but previous year titles don't go away, just get cheaper, and all those DLCs eventually get bundled into $20 GoTY editions.

Around 4 years. The sad thing is that I've not played or read much of the games and books I've bought.

Well, I'll probably sort my library for what I really want and then do giveaways... when I get round to it.

I don't think it's a bug, it's working fine for me

Alright, you're gonna want to sit for this one...

I found a bug... Some items were not being counted and you actually spent more than what the script said.


Total spent on Humble Bundle: $1042.98
Total spent on Humble Monthly: $34.8
Total: $1077.78

It really depends on my view of the publisher, if for some reason I don’t like them that much I slide it all the way to charity.