Just posted a thread yesterday in which I was downvoted to hell for disagreeing with people saying their method is the only way that things can be done and that everyone else knows nothing about music.

If you think outside of the box there is always another way to do the same thing. Sometimes the unconventional ways give you unique creative control. For example if you render the reverb you can easily do reverse reverb, link the speed at which you scrub through the 100% wet sound to the volume of the dry part, etc. For more monotone patches you can simply reverse the wet reverb part to get a slightly unnatural sound.

Alternate ways to avoid using a send if you feel like it:

Clone your song pattern/automation, put inserts on each track, link parameters from each to master automation clips, set wet to 100% (can do with automation), render song, mix in send version of song with the "normal version"

Do the above but with individual elements

Here are some ways to avoid using M/S EQ plugins while still doing M/S EQ and avoiding using sends.

render the audio. Resynthesize in harmor. You can now independently synthesize M/S

Disable everything that makes the song stereo. Now it's in mono. Render. Put all stereo effects on 100%. Go down to the mixer slot stereo width knob, set to 100% side. Render. Now you have M/S as independent audio files.