I recently came across a math problem on my worksheet that says:

Carl plans to invest $500. Account A gives an 8.25% interest, compounded daily. Account B gives the same interest rate but compounded continuously. If he plans to invest the money for 20 years, which account would yield more money? How much more would he earn with that account?

For Account A I used the A=Pert formula and got $10859.98673. A=500e0.0825(20)

For Account B I used the A=P(1+r/n)nt formula. I got $10859.8855 A=500(1+0.0825/365)365(20)

When I subtracted Account A minus B, I only got a 10¢ difference. My worksheet says the correct answer is 0.49¢

What am I doing wrong?! I’ve tried it by substituting the 365 with 1, 20, and 12. Still no answer. Help please!