A couple days ago I made a post about how my mix sounded off on Soundcloud, to which I found out that Soundcloud was adding artifacts and I was essentially peaking, so I fixed that. I blamed that for my issues at first, and this did solve some of the mix issues but now I have found out my mix is not mono compatible.

When listening in earbuds with one headphone piece in, you can hear it canceling and making some odd noise that sounds like its trying to squash the high end. Also, all I can hear really in that one ear is the sub, mid bass and a tad bit of the lead. The supersaw chords are basically inaudible. I do not have the chords all the way widened, but they are just a slight bit wide. My mix sounds balanced and how I want it to be in stereo, but in mono all you hear is the sub and mid bass really and then some weird noise that keeps sounding "wishy washy". It's hard for me to say but I do not know how to fix this without screwing up my stereo mix, because I am very happy with that.

I don't want to turn down my bass elements, because then in stereo the bass is lacking and it just sounds thin and lifeless. I do not want to turn up the saw chords because then I just get a more thinner mix as I would by turning down the bass. Is this phase cancellation? I don't think I've come across this issue before but I just need help being guided in the right direction. I can supply a preview of my mix if you need to hear it to identify what is wrong.

Thank you so much, this issue has been taking so much of my producing time and I hate having to worry too much on the technical stuff, I just wanna write music but this issue is just bothering me.