Welcome to this week's sidebar submission contest!

The rules for each contest are as follows:

  1. Users should submit only one (1) image of your choice to be voted on to be the sidebar for the week. Images must consist of anything related to wet shaving - razors, brushes, SOTD images, etc. In the event multiple images from a user are submitted, only the first image, or the image in the top level comment, will count.

  2. Image must be Original Content (Not just some picture you found on the internet). Images taken by another photographer are allowed as long as: a. You have the photographer's permission. b. The image is connected to you in some meaningful way: e.g. It's a image of hardware you commissioned, taken by the maker, or the image is of something you made, taken by the purchaser, etc. c. We're not looking to have to verify images, so please use the honor system.

  3. All properly submitted images submitted in the Submission Thread will be entered into the Voting Thread. The Submission thread will be active for ~24 hours and will end Saturday afternoon. The vote thread will be active for 24 hrs from Saturday afternoon through Sunday. This thread is only a submission thread. Please do not hold discussion in the vote thread.

  4. In the event of a tie, the tie breaker shall be a vote among the mods, with the winner garnishing majority of the vote.

  5. Submissions MUST be uploaded to imgur. Any other hosting site will be disqualified and not included in the voting thread.

  6. Any submissions containing NSFW material will be removed at the discretion of the Mod Team.

  7. While not required, it is suggested you submit square images in order to avoid unintended cropping.

Please feel free to respond with a comment to your entry with any background/description/detail about your entry, including gear used.

Historic detail for past sidebar contests can be found here. May the best submission win! Good luck to all!