CRT has always had the underlying philosophy of being self-moderated. This was a direct response to the utterly inane modding in r/moto back several years ago.

However, for some time now, it has been apparent that certain people abuse this board in order to karma whore.

Despite encouragement to people to post the content they want to see, and vote down the shit that's irrelevant (which was the original intent of the board), this has failed to produce results.

I have given this board enough time to unfuck itself. Now it's time to take measures.

There are now posting guidelines. Posts that fall outside the guidelines will be removed.

  1. If it is YOU on your bike, riding, it goes. Don't care what activity you're doing. Motocross, wheelies, whatever.

  2. Stock, stationary bikes are removed. Bikes with significant or interesting mods, that you or close friends own, will be allowed.

  3. Memes are removed unless it's an image macro of yourself or a ride you were on. Trolling facebook for imaginary internet points is LAME AS FUCK.

  4. Posting moto gp footage and saying "youll never squid like this" will also get pulled, it's a motogp race it has nothing to do with squidding. HOWEVER, as with rule number 1, if it's YOU doing the racing, it's fine.

This is the beginning. If necessary there will be more.

The unsub button is to the right. You don't like the changes? Press the fucking button. I was one of the first 100 here, I don't care if we go back to 100 again.

I will be adding new mods soon. When the time comes, announcements will be made.

That's all.