Hows it going everyone?

This sub is an amazing sub with a great community, but I think it could even be better.

In this post I want to talk about the original mission of the sub, its ongoing issues, some possible solutions, and move into adding some more mods.

/u/xtirpation has been the main mod of this sub for many many years, and has done a wonderful job in the past. They have made many meta posts in the past and always tried to improve the sub for the community. The "problems" this sub has, it has always had due to its nature, and there have been many attempts to solve the problems by /u/xtirpation in the past, thank you so much!

But often circumstances change, sometimes unexpectedly, and people are not able to contribute the same that they once did, and that is okay.

/r/IWantToLearn is one of the best subs for learning and gathering knowledge.

This is a place about learning a concrete, useful skill, and/or a form of art, which usually takes time to master.

The issues that I see at this time are:

  • Posts that break the rules get submitted AND upvoted

  • Posts that do not really belong get submitted AND upvoted

  • Posts that break the rules don't get reported

  • Posts that do get reported don't get removed fast enough

  • Posts that do not break any rules and do belong get removed by automod

  • Helpful comments get removed by automod

What types of posts DO belong?

(Before you submit a post, ask yourself...)

  • Can anyone read this post and start doing the recommended responses to improve themselves?

  • Is the request for help in learning or improving hard skills?

What types of posts do NOT belong?

  • Stuff that is individual/unique to my personal situation or personality

  • Is this something that a counselor/psychiatrist/psychologist could help me with?

  • Posts that are NOT requests for example: learning resources on their own are strictly prohibited. They should be provided in the comments of a relavant request.

  • Relationship advice

Some possible solutions to these problems I see are:

  • Update automodbot

  • Make pop up messages when submitting

  • More signage about submissions and alternative subs

  • More community involvement in reports

  • More active/moderation


  • What are the biggest problems that you see in the subreddit?

  • What are some possible solutions that you think could help?

I want to leave this post up for awhile to get people thinking and discussing, and very soon I will be making a post about adding new mods and we will begin the process of bringing new mods to the team.