I wish I could type out all I wanted, but I am currently so exhausted that I am unable to say as much as I like. So instead of explaining the reason for these questions, I'm just going to ask it and hope people will reply with helpful answers.

1) Do you workout? If so, do you do so on your own, in a gym, or in group exercise classes?

2) Have you any desire to go to an group exercise class but found that being on the spectrum kept you from it? If so, how?

3) What things could be changed about the typical group exercise class experience that would lead you to participate in one?

I'm planning on getting certified as a personal trainer and would love to make a class for people like me because I struggled to be able to go to exercises classes when I started working out, but now that I have slowly adapted to the environment, I find that it has helped my mental health in enormous ways.