It's sad that so many of you abuse your privilege of riding a motorcycle on public streets.

Some of us, hell most of us, are utilitarians and it's the number 1 reason why I ride; practicality.

I ride straight away from the groups of idiots riding around breaking every law in the book, who try to come play tag or what have you (my bike is a SS). I also steer clear of content like what's on this sub because it kills the spirit of what riding means to ME.

That's something I don't expect people who condone and perhaps enjoy or even participate in this behavior, to understand.

I am not going to shit talk you or not stop if a "stunt" bike is stranded etc. I have nothing against stunting and the bikes, despite how aggressive and jarring they can look. I do however despise hooliganism for the sake of hooliganism.

The whole "take over the streets" mentality is boisterous in the most innocuous of viewpoints, but can be easily painted as "terroristic" in today's political climate.

If you were perhaps part of some socially motivated vehicle(pardon the pun) of positive change in the community and trying to garner attention for specific issues or events, then MAYBE the excuse of a "take over the streets" mindset is understandable, but never pardonable.

And that's just it; This behavior is childish at best and completely self absorbed at worst. And that is what erks me when I come across footage like this; There is no use, this children out playing with their power wheels. Except now these kids have full time jobs and can get a "real" power wheel. There is no respect; for themselves, the road, or the privilege they have of riding a fuel injected crotch rocket.

The practicality of riding is in the fact you're unfettered by idealist designs of safety and cost savings. No unnecessary bullshit of getting from point A to B you come face to face with your environment like knight in mid century. "For king and Country!" you say, but you're the king, and the world is your country, the bike, your noble steed.

Yes, my view is completely romantic. But it's at least my own, and it at least operates in a framework that is sensible and of course, reasonably safe. These videos; the operators are riding around town, and that would be cool; I love downtown cruises with my SS, I park it by a bar and get to chatting with people real quick; some cool some not. But in this video they all have NO WHERE to go, just stop light after stop light, wheeling and being loud and revving up the neighborhood for literally a fucking youtube video!?

Oh please, we have enough video of mid 2000s sport bikes doing wheelies with guys in vests and skull caps. Its not interesting, its just YOU doing it. While you have every right to post it and film it etc. just know its absolutely showing the worst in yourselves and the community as a whole.

First/Last/Only time I start and End this Rant.