I'm going to be honest I don't have any friends in real life. I have my family and some online buddies but besides that, I'm not really living in society in any way. I want to have friends and be in a social setting like I was back in high school. School felt like the most natural setting for me to try connect to others. I tried going to college but it didn't work out academically and now I am too old to have the traditional college experience. I really wanted to have that. So now I am just kinda stuck not knowing where or how you can really meet people that isn't in a painful way. I tried meetup twice but it wasn't really my age group, I don't drink and bars/clubs are torture to me in general and I am scared to death of tinder and bumble. I'm trying to get a job currently, which I hope will help a bit. I just really want friends and am honestly craving a romantic relationship really bad as well. Where do you go to meet people when you are an adult and you don't do those activities and you don't have any other people who you can network connections through? I just feel lost.