Here's my original post.

On 1/2 I went to the doctor, armed with printouts from all the advice I was given on here. It turns out my doctor is actually a good guy, because he listened to my concerns, and without me even having to go into detail, he was just like, "Sure, let me give you the info of someone to do a diagnosis." (He says I don't need an actual referral for this.)

That's where things started to go bad. The place I was referred to (we'll call them Facility A) told me, when I called to make an appointment, that they no longer do autism screening.

I did a little research to find other places on my insurance network that do, and found two: Facility B, which seems to be for children only, and Facility C. Before doing anything else, I called my doctor's office back and let them know that Facility A says they don't do autism screening anymore. Nurse says she'll call me back.

Nurse does call me back later that day. Tells me to just call them back and be insistent. I'm like, "But if they literally don't perform the service, how will that help...?" and she says, "No, they're definitely on your insurance." I then explain again that the problem isn't the insurance, but the fact that they don't do autism screening. I figured that the miscommunication was probably my fault, since I tend to explain myself badly, especially over the phone. We both apologize, she says she'll look into it and call me back to let me know where to go instead.

Today (1/11) she did call me back and left a voicemail telling me that she looked into it and Facility A is the only option at all, and that even though they can't do a diagnosis, I should go there and see if they can help me in some way. Says it's mainly a pediatric diagnosis so it would be difficult to get someone to diagnose me as an adult.

I just feel totally hopeless now. But I mean, I live in a major city, so there has to be somewhere, right? I could maybe find a place even if my insurance doesn't cover it? I guess I could at least contact Facility C and see if they can do anything? I just feel really discouraged and I don't know what to do.