Hey everyone. I'm looking for some advice or reviews as Reddit is usually helpful for lots of things.

Right now, I have the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime in which I've had for four years now (my mom and sis have upgraded to new phones twice now while I've had the same one during that period). It is having a good run but I'm dying to have a new phone right now and I wanna upgrade to possibly the newest Samsung Galaxy flagship out there.

Right now, its the S9 and S9+ that currently exists even though an S10 is forthcoming. I wanna ask those who currently have the S9 or S9+ now if its even worth it? I've always had a lower-budget phone, mainly because it was my mom or someone in my family who would be paying for it. However, I'll be paying for my next phone (thanks to hard work at my job) and I'm looking to spend big bucks for an awesome phone and I'm looking to buy unlocked too since I'm with Metro by T-Mobile.

I'm just wondering what you guys think and I am hopeful that this community can help me out! Thanks.