I hate to be a negative Nancy, but I must say this. I know this will rub a lot of people the wrong way, but I believe it's something the IOHK & Emurgo teams should be aware.

The overall mission of Cardano is a great thing, but it's going to disrupt a lot of people. You're essentially trying to balance power, accessibility, opportunity and make the world a more equal playing field.. but many of these fields are unbalanced because certain people want it this way.

You're going to Africa and Asia, and giving these countries a new power.. but many people in the world don't want these countries to have this power. Even in the United States, where I live, it's obvious that there are oppressed people, and it's not by coincidence. Many of these people have historically been poisoned and sabotaged every step of the way. Throughout American history there have been forces willing to keep certain groups down.. and this is done through the strategic introduction of murder, drugs, harsher / made-up laws, slander through media (fear), broken education, money cuts, daily mistreatment, aka "Any Means Necessary". Each of these elements have been repeatedly implemented systematically.. which all boils down to a basic hate / prejudice and obsession with power.

There are no boundaries when it comes to these serpents... I mean, even now, we have the situation ( which isn't a surprise ) of hearing about how some affluent individuals have been scamming SAT scores and faking HS athletic programs to get their kids into better colleges.. and then using this "charity" as a tax write off. I mean, blatantly taking the positions of the people that actually deserved to be there... and this is a very small, recent instance of this abuse of power... don't let me get started on actual harm-filled instances taking place.

I say all this to say that the organizations behind Cardano are striving to give the people & countries that have been held back a chance to get ahead for once. But, do you really think the powers that be will sit back and let this "imbalance / balance" of power occur? The prejudice and racism that exists have always abused, and slandered these groups... and I fear they always will. And I guarantee as you get closer to helping them and attaining your mission.. new roadblocks will begin to pop up for you too.. and if all that doesn't deter you..they'll introduce a new strategy.

Be observant.

** I'm not a conspiracy theorist.. just a dude that has seen it all happen on many local levels and to countless groups throughout history. Your idealism is their kryptonite. Your goals, their fears. You want to balance power.. and they want to keep it. They will not idly stand by.

I know the key is decentralization.. I think this is the best way to disrupt this power.. but I mean, please prepare for the roadblocks before this goal is met.