I’m a female biker and in 2016 I rode 10,118 solo miles across the United States on my Ducati Monster and I photographed 40 survivors of domestic sex trafficking. I partnered with a national organization that mentors survivors and together we raised nearly $60k. I was in a lot of pain from leaving an emotionally abusive marriage and I had a question in my heart... “can you heal a broken heart through helping others?” So I got on my bike and didn’t look back. The journey took eight weeks.

I camped mostly but also stayed on couches and got a few hotels. I rode by myself.

I’ve since gone on to found Ride My Road, a “national collective of bikers raising funds for anti trafficking”. I’m hosting two major events this year. May 11th in SoCal and August 7th at the Sturgis Rally. Our motto is “Ride Your Motorcycle. Make A Difference.”


Lots of love, Lauren