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Hi reddit! We’re Patrick Boyaggi and Mike Tassone, co-founders of Own Up, a mortgage technology company we created to simplify the home financing process and make sure people get the mortgage they deserve. We’re former mortgage bankers, yet we didn’t go to our own bank for our mortgages. Instead, of just settling for the terms our bank offered, we used the tools that are only available to lenders to find a better deal, which is saving us thousands of dollars every year. We believe it’s time to cut through the BS and provide people with the transparency they deserve. And we mean it. Our customers save an average of $21K over the life of their loan, and we’ve helped hundreds of people save money, even when we don’t make money. With mortgage rates in flux and the busy homebuying season upon us, we wanted to come on here to answer any questions you have about getting a mortgage, buying a home, etc. If you want to learn more about us, you can do so here: Ask us anything!

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