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Author : Minifig81
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Published : 2 months ago
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New Year's Resolution Tips - Inside!

Author : k_princess
Subreddit : LifeProTips
Points : 160
Published : 2 weeks ago
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LPT: Stop waiting to be ready to do an activity you're anxious about (dating, gym, shopping, etc) because in reality you'll never feel prepared and get it done.

Author : SeannLoL
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Published : 4 hours ago
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LPT: Do not be nice in traffic, be predictable.

Author : Ellstrom44
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Published : 6 hours ago
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LPT: If you're not the one doing the shoveling, take a few minutes to lay out some towels by the entrance, heat some coffee/cocoa and maybe toss together a quick sandwich for when the shoveler(s) come inside.

Author : Turbobutts
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Published : 5 hours ago
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LPT: When you move somewhere new, specially if living alone, make a copy of your key to your residence and hide it or give it to someone trustworthy. Two dollars is cheaper than a locksmith if you lose the key.

Author : catamount1000
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Published : 19 hours ago
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LPT - If a friend asks you an easily googlable question, he probabbly wants to hear your thoughts on it and talk

Author : Tier161
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Published : 1 hour ago
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LPT: Before cleaning a microwave, put a bowl of water in for a couple minutes and the steam will help the cleanup

Author : -clinton-
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Published : 1 hour ago
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LPT: If you ask or say something to someone and they reply with what? two times,try changing the wording a bit instead of repeating the same sentence

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Published : 2 hours ago
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LPT: you should never wash raw chicken. Doing so increases your risk of food poisoning from campylobacter bacteria by splashing water contaminated with the bacteria onto hands, work surfaces, clothing, and cooking equipment.

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Published : 7 hours ago
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LPT: if you feel suicidal talk to someone anyone. It will help your life matters.

Author : BritishJoee
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Published : 7 hours ago
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LPT: when you are in a situation where you have to drink with your boss always stay one drink behind him to don't make a fool of yourself

Author : Barbe__Rousse
Subreddit : LifeProTips
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Published : 5 hours ago
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