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LPT: Feeling dread because you're alone on Thanksgiving? Go help serve food at the local church, synagogue, rotary, homeless shelter, whatever. People will thank you, and you'll be able to give and receive genuine love all day long.

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LPT - If you have an incident with another car which doesn't stop and don't have a pen to take down their number plate, trace the digits on your window with your finger. They will show up when it steams up

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LPT: If you have trouble "getting in the zone" before work or school, find or compile a playlist of "pump up" songs, and play it during your morning routine or commute. It seems cliché, but music can be one of the biggest influencers of your mood.

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LPT: If you drop something small into the sink, don’t go for the object, go straight to covering the drain with your hand

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LPT: When watching YouTube you can go frame by frame with comma (,) and dot (.) when the video is paused.

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LPT: If you’re going somewhere for Thanksgiving with the hopes of bringing home leftovers, bring your own food containers.

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LPT: keep an emergency change of clothes in your car.

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LPT: If you’re making a healthy lifestyle change (quitting smoking, starting working out, etc.), don’t go telling the world about it! Keep it to yourself and you may feel less stress from outside influences, helping you to reach your goal.

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LPT: Trending notifications in reddit can be turned off in Settings > General > Notifications > Trending

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